Best Moments in US Women’s Soccer

Best Moments in US Women’s Soccer


The US women’s soccer team (known as the USWNT) shows no signs of slowing their gold-medal roll. The team is officially headed to yet another Olympics and World Cup, having recently qualified for both the 2024 Paris Summer Olympics and the 2023 Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand. They’re also currently ranked the no. 1 women’s team in the world by FIFA, which, NBD.

It might seem like the team has been dominating the field for eons — and you’re not wrong to think that it’s made a mark on the sport — but in truth, the team has only been in the international field for a couple of decades. After all, the first Women’s World Cup only happened in 1991.

While the US team has had its ups and downs (it’s soccer!), it’s also been part of more than a handful of memorable moments in soccer history. It’s hard to narrow it down to just a few highlights of some of the sport’s biggest names, from legends like Mia Hamm and Carli Lloyd to newcomers like Carson Pickett, but that’s just what we’ve done. Keep reading to revisit some of the brightest moments of the US women’s soccer team — and expect this list to keep on growing.

—Additional reporting by Lauren Mazzo


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